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Giada Ferraglioni & Sergio Colombo Interview 06/09/2023

Three months after the wreck of Cutro, where at least 94 people died, we traveled to Izmir, Turkey. The province was the starting point of the boat that in February sank off the coast of Calabria, Italy, and is home to one of the biggest communities of refugees in the country. We met Moussa, Abdulkadir and Maamoun, three young Syrian refugees who yearn for a better life, hanging between the impossible dream to return to Syria and the hope to find their future in Europe.

During the electoral campaign for the second round of the 2023 presidential elections, the main Turkish political parties spread propaganda on Syrian refugees to obtain the votes of the nationalist electorate. These stories must be told to better understand one of the most important humanitarian crisis of our time.


Wagner Dantas Interview 24/08/2023

Wagner and Ísis have known each other for a short time. In order to know more about each other, they decide to spend Christmas together.


John Parr Interview 21/08/2023

“A memoir of triumph over adversity and wounds no sword can make”

The true story of two elite soldiers severely injured in the line of duty. “Unconquered” charts their inspiring journey from the depths of despair to break the chains of life changing injuries to rise again.


Gregory Bray Interview 22/06/2023

Honorably discharged veteran Guy Friendly anticipates his friend Todd’s arrival, so they can enjoy a nostalgic Man-Man and the Sorcerers of Destiny cartoon. But as he’s waiting for Todd, his prized Man-Man toy collection seems to move of their own accord–with deadly intentions. Can Guy navigate memories of past horrors and truly become victorious?

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